Custom handcrafted ukuleles built in Hawaii by Chuck Moore
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But the ukulele can be quite a competent musical instrument as well as a work of art and craftsmanship as I think you'll agree if you visit the pages that follow.  I build my ukuleles individually always keeping the demands of the avid musician, entertainer, or serious collector in mind.
Mahalo nui loa and enjoy your visit.
Chuck Moore
Opihikao, Big Island, Hawaii
This page was last updated: January 15, 2016
There is something irresistible about a ukulele.  When most people encounter one they just can't help but pick it up and run their fingers down the strings.  Whether it conjures up images of moonlit nights on a far away tropical beach or takes you back in time to Waikiki when "the Duke" reigned over the surf and the beach boys would serenade their customers while serving them drinks, there is an undeniable romance and nostalgia associated with the ukulele.  It's small, it's cute, it's easy to play and easy  to take with you wherever you go.

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Here's what I've been up to lately:
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           Specializing in custom koa ukuleles 
Built entirely with renewable SOLAR POWER !
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Moore Bettah
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Ode to the Southern Seas 
GALLERY 2 page.
Sarah Maisel & Craig Chee playing these "his and hers" tenors.
Photo & Video Credits:  Andrew Kitakis, Hawaii Music Supply  http://www.theukulelesite.com/
Recent Updates:
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New Uke for Sale -- 3/7/15  (Sorry, SOLD)
The Black Orchid Tenor
See it on my For Sale Page
Star Date: 1/9/16
Well I've made a New Year's resolution to update my website more frequently and to start offering ukes for sale again from this portal.  Nine days into the year and so far I'm keeping that promise!  (The other resolutions about exercising and becoming handsome will have to wait.)  So look at my FOR SALE page for some new offerings.  They probably won't last to long so email me (no phone calls please, I live off-grid, remember?)  I've also made some new additions to my GALLERY pages and will continue to do so.   Happy new year!
New Ukes FOR SALE !
New GALLERY Images
The book is finally Here!!!  Author Staci Blevins put as much of her heart and soul into writing this book as I do building my ukes.  Have a peek over my shoulder as I work, talk to some players who own MBUs and finally get a detailed description of Wailele, the uke that represents everything I am as a builder and as a person.  This coffee table sized book is packed with beautiful color photos and texts and is offered for a short period of time as a Kickstarter project.  It's the next bes thing to owning a Moore Bettah Ukulele.  Click the link below to find out more.  Aloha & happy playing.  :)
Building and Owning a Moore Bettah Ukulele
New book to be published soon!